Statutory language

April 2002

Instant runoff voting

Charter amendment adopted by San Francisco, March 5, 2002
Model statute
Legislation introduced 1998-2000
Charter amendment inplemented by Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1975

Choice Voting

Cambridge (MA):  Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 54A
Model statute

Voting equipment compatibility

Model language

Other proportional systems

Cumulative voting
Mixed member systems 

Voter/party-choice system

Pending legislation

Voters' Choice Act / States' Choice of Voting System Act, bills that would return to states the right to use proportional representation to elect their congressional delegations


Creating a national commission on election reform

Legal decisions

Constitutionality of proportional representation in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Constitutionality of instant runoff voting in Ann Arbor, Michigan [Also available as an .rtf file and a self-extracting, 680K image of the actual court case.]

Statement by Supreme Court Justice Harlan in support of constitutional right to use instant runoff voting