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November 24th 2006
Campaign 2006 In Review
Asian Week

Columnist Phil Nash cites four November 2006 wins for instant runoff voting - and the San Francisco supervisor race where IRV ensured a majority winner - as positive developments for Asian Americans.

November 11th 2006
S.F. supes: Ed Jew in District 4
San Francisco Chronicle

For the first time in San Francisco's history, choice voting reordered the election results, giving the victory over the closely contested District 4 to Ed Jew.

November 10th 2006
RCV Results Posted
San Francisco Chronicle Blog

The San Francisco Board of Elections posts ranked choice voting results for Districts 4 and 6.

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  • California Instant Runoff Voting Coalition is an action-oriented site that is campaigning for more of the successful local ballot measures in California (like Oakland, Santa Clara County and San Leandro County) as well as state legislation.

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