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The following brochures, newsletters and miscellaneous materials are downloadable as .pdf files. We hope you find them useful. Please suggest improvements and let us know about your experiences using them.

PDF files can be accessed using Adobe Acrobat which can be downloaded for free.

See Order Materials to order items that are not available here.


Center for Voting and Democracy

Overview of CVD brochure
Full Representation, our partnership with the Southern Center for Studies in Public Policy

Full Representation

Pizza for Dinner brochure
Modified At Large Voting Systems
Choice Voting (Side 1, Side 2)
Choice Voting
Cumulative Voting (Side 1, Side2)
Cumulative Voting at Work in Texas
Limited Voting (Side 1, Side 2)
One Vote System (Side 1, Side 2)
The One Vote System: North Carolina's Model for Communities
Full and Fair Representation in Alabama
New: City Council Election systems (Guide for evaluating different election systems)

Instant Runoff Voting

"Faster, Cheaper, Better Elections with Instant Runoff Voting" (Jan 2003)

Color brochure (2001)
Black and white brochure (2001)

Make Your Vote Count! (CVD's blue brochure with cartoons)
Just What Is IRV and Why Do We Need It?


Redistricting Roulette



Miscellaneous Materials

NAACP voter action center guide from the 2000 convention
Voting methods
around the world


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