18. IRV does not favor or hurt any particular group

This reform does not give advantage or disadvantage to conservatives, liberals, major parties, or minor parties. As evidence of the nonpartisan nature of this reform, note that among the sponsors of the 1998 instant runoff voting bill, H.665, were a conservative Republican, Rep. Dwyer, a moderate Republican, Rep. Little, a conservative Democrat, Rep. Howrigan, a liberal Democrat, Rep. Woodward, and a Progressive, Rep. Bouricius. This reform eliminates the concern about vote splintering or wasted votes. Voters have every incentive to vote their true beliefs -- their favorite candidate first, their next favorite second and so on -- because their ballot can still count toward a winner if their first choice loses. There also is no reason for voters not to rank as many candidates as they want, as a voter’s lower choice will never help defeat one of that voter’s higher choices.