2006 Hot Spots

The movement for instant runoff voting has reached its tipping point. On November 7, 2006, ballot initiatives in three cities won by landslide margins. A fourth won by a comfortable 53%.

Each win comes in the wake of a major state legislative advance in North Carolina. They were in Pierce County, Washington (population 760,000), Oakland, California (population 400,000) and Minneapolis, Minnesota (population 390,000). The sweep of these campaigns along with an advisory measure in Davis, California was a major boost to IRV. Read the latest news and access historic campaign sites by clicking links at left.


Pierce County (Amendment 3): 53% final
Oakland (Measure O): 69% final
Minneapolis (IRV Amendment): 65% final
Davis (Advisory Measure L): 55% final


Every single ballot initiative went to voters on November 7 with the backing of at least one major regional paper.

Minneapolis (MN): Star-Tribune, Minnesota Daily
Oakland (CA): Oakland Tribune, Ming Pao Daily
Davis (CA): Sacramento Bee, California Aggie
Pierce Co. (WA): Tacoma News Tribune, Peninsula Gateway


Several of the campaigns have produced high-quality, entertaining flash animations to describe why instant runoff voting is needed. You can view these presentations online at fairvote.org.

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