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We hear all too often that voters feel they must decide between the “lesser of two evils”.  In part, that is due to the strategic thinking that must be employed in the Electoral system.  It is also inherant in the process of selecting a vice presidential candidate.

When a presidential candidate is looking for a running mate, few considerations will impact the number of feasible choices as much as geography.  Vice Presidential candidates today are picked based on what they bring to the ticket regionally – they come to the ticket assuming they will carry their home state and possibly a few around it. For example North Carolinian John Edwards was selected to be John Kerry's running mate in 2004 in large part because John Kerry wanted to increase his competitiveness in the South, a region that had been swept by George W. Bush four years earlier.  With direct election, the home state advantage will not play a strong role, opening up the option of selecting the best candidate regardless of geographic location. 

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April 17th 2009
In our view, April 17: Equal Voting

Editorial in the Columbian in favor of the national popular vote plan, which is likely to be passed into law soon in the state of Washington.

February 5th 2009
Push continues to defeat Electoral College
Associated Press

Associated Press wire story on National Popular Vote moving in Vermont features FairVote analysis

January 20th 2009
Initiative could make elections more fair
The Columbia Tribune

Missouri ally of the National Popular Vote plan writes oped in local paper.

January 10th 2009
Abolish the Electoral College
Sarasota Herald Tribune

Editorial strongly in favor of a national popular vote for president via constitutional amendment or the 'compelling' National Popular Vote plan.

December 22nd 2008
Time to eliminate Electoral College?

Editorial supports a national popular vote for president, citing FairVote's research.

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