July 2nd 2007
Connecting young people with democracy
Providence Journal

A call for Gov. Carcieri to welcome Rhode Island's young voters into the political process with a law allowing advance voter registration for 16 and 17-year olds.

March 28th 2007
The D.C. Tea Party
The New York Times

New York Times Op-ed columnist, Bob Herbert, makes the case for full representation for DC citizens in the House of Representatives.

March 20th 2007
D.C. voting rights and congressional politics
The Washington Times

Congress should continue the "centuries-long tradition of expanding the franchise" to voters who are "unreasonably excluded" by passing the DC Voting Rights Act of 2007.

November 1st 2006
Don't Leave Young Voters Behind

FairVote's Communications Director Ryan O'Donnell examines the problem of young people not voting and advocates an early registration program so they may vote as soon as they become eligible.

October 29th 2006
Voting should be effortless, not chaotic
Portsmouth Herald

FairVote Director Rob Richie and Montgomery County Councilman Tom Perez discuss important electoral reforms. This article ran in the Portsmouth Herald, as well as in other publications that carry the McClatchy Tribune news wire.

June 29th 2006
Voter turnout hits all time low: Three ways to increase participation
American Chronicle

California Secretary of State candidate voices support for FairVote policies including high school voter registration and a 16 year old voter registration age.

June 14th 2006
Lottery won't improve voter turnout; use money to better election system
Arizona Daily Star

To bring more voters into the democratic process, we need serious efforts like a citizens' assembly on electoral reform, says FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell.

May 17th 2006
Eliminating 146 polls is no solution
The Wichita Eagle

America needs to go back to the drawing board for comprehensive election reform, argues FairVote's Ryan O'Donnell in the wake of Wichita's decision to close 70% of its polling places.

April 6th 2006
Voters' Ed
New York Times

FairVote Board Chair John Anderson and U.S. Election Assistance Commissioner Ray Martinez call for automatic voter registration for high school seniors.

February 6th 2006
The Right to Vote
The Nation

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. argues for a constitutional amendment protecting the right to vote.

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