Issue 8 deserves voters´┐Ż OK
Published September 20th 2008 in Business Courier of Cincinnati
A “yes” vote for the proportional representation issue (Issue 8) on the Nov. 4 ballot would change the way Cincinnati voters elect members of City Council, allowing them to weigh their choices instead of the current winner-takes-all system where the top nine vote-getters win seats on council.

We think every Cincinnati voter should cast a “yes” vote on this issue, ensuring that city government continue its reforming activities. (We count the hiring of City Manager Milton Dohoney as one of those recent reforms. The way council has cooperated with Hamilton County to get the Banks project started is another.)

Regarding the proportional representation issue, most reform-minded advocates think it is the method to return to – although many of them fear process and performance issues on Election Day in 2009, when the new system will first be used if passed this November. Cincinnati used the proportional representation system from 1926 to 1956.

We think those fears, while appropriate, are based on insufficient understanding of what the Hamilton County Board of Elections and the city itself can and should do to ensure a fair and valid election as soon as November 2009. For what would likely be no more than $30,000, the city in 2009 could conduct a hand-counted election.