Americans come for lesson in Scottish democracy

By Editor
Published May 2nd 2007 in Hollyrood Today
Leading electoral officials, election reform campaigners and journalists from around the world have arrived in Scotland to observe tomorrow’s elections as guests of the Electoral Reform Society.

A large American contingent, including senior representatives of FairVote, an organisation that aims to ensure US elections run as smoothly as possible, will study Scottish voting systems and technology to see if it can be used in American elections.

Elections in the US have long been marred by accusations of fraud and problems with voting technology culminating in the 2000 presidential election debacle.

ERS chief executive Ken Ritchie said: “Scotland has found itself at the forefront of democratic modernisation. The local elections under the single transferable vote are generating worldwide interest."

FairVote chief executive Rob Richie added:

“Our organisations are about moving voting into the modern era. I certainly applaud the experimentation that is taking place in this country. It certainly seems that the Old World may still have something teach the New when it comes to democracy.”

Observers from other countries including Canada and New Zealand will also attend.