March 30th 2003
Voice of the people
Chicago Tribune

FairVote's Dan Johnson-Weinberger comments on the practicality of instant runoff voting in this Letter to the Editor.

March 24th 2003
Don't Fault the Green Party for Bush

Letter to the editor promotes instant runoff voting as a solution to the spoiler problem.

January 3rd 2003
'Instant runoff voting' would promote democracy in state
New Haven Register

The use of instant runoff voting (IRV) can promote democracy in primaries and general elections within Connecticut states Jeffry Larson.

November 30th 2002
Los Angeles Times

Instant runoff voting (IRV), better than using open primaries or limiting the choice in elections to two candidates, would allow more participation in elections for voters.

November 28th 2002
Instant Runoff Voting: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Business Week

Letter to the editor advocating IRV as a solution to the spoiler problem.

November 25th 2002

Daily Standard

In this letter to the editor, an advocate of Californians for Electoral Reform points out that the remedy to the spoiler effect is not eliminating third parties, but abandoning the plurality voting in favor of instant runoff voting (IRV).

October 28th 2002
Better Voting System

Using instant runoff voting (IRV) in the New York gubernatorial elections can eliminate the spoiler effect caused by third parties and give each vote cast a equal strength.

October 21st 2002
The New York Times

Reforms to implement a system of instant runoff votig (IRV) are the topics that should be of the utmost concern, rather than the trivial, hackneyed debates between the Democrats and Greens.

September 19th 2002
Formulas For a Clean Election

FairVote's Matthew Cossolotto argues that Congress needs to pass more meaningful election reform legislation, such as proportional voting methods or instant runoff voting (IRV), to ensure that each vote counts.

October 12th 2001
Letter to the Editor

Letter from Rob Richie, Terry Bouricius, and Philip Macklin in response to an editorial on Approval Voting versus Instant Runoff Voting.

July 8th 2001
Letter to the editor
The New London Day

Connecticut needs to implement an instant runoff voting (IRV) system in order to have every vote count equally in each election argues David Brensilver.

April 27th 2001
Balancing the Ballot
Austin Chronicle

Letters to the Editor defending instant runoff voting.

March 4th 2001
"Instant Runoff Voting"
Los Angeles Times

July 22nd 2000
IRV for Primaries

FairVote member Janet Anderson writes a Letter to the Editor describing the advantages of using instant runoff voting to eliminate the need for messy primaries.

Los Angeles Times

Instant runoff voting (IRV) eliminates the "spoiler" problem and assures that the winner received the majority of votes.

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