Essays from Mississippi

High school student
Born: 1982
Essay themes: Education, easy voter registration

Political participation should not plummet in the new millennium. Young people should automatically become registered on their eighteenth birthday. With all of the new technology our now it should be able to be done. All babies are given social security numbers shortly after birth. From this procedure every individual should be registered to vote on their eighteenth birthday.

Every young person enrolled in high school should be required to take and pass a current government class that teaches the student about the current government laws and political offices and who holds the current positions. If this is done no one should have the excuse not to vote because they don't know who to vote for or who the candidates are. Keeping the young informed and involved in politics and the politicians and their views can only help in getting them to vote and stay involved.

The voting age should not be lower than 18 years of age. Voting is an earned privilege and is given to mature individuals who want to make a difference in their lives. To vote for the candidate that will best serve the office in which they are elected is what young people should look forward to. Every eligible person should want to participate in making a difference in the country in which they live. Everyone young or not should be provided with: all of the information on all political offices that are to be voted on; what the person elected to the office is responsible for and the qualifications it takes to obtain the position; and, what the position is supposed to accomplish for the well being of the citizens.

Keeping lines of communication open for everyone is another way of helping voters to encourage voters to exercise their rights to vote. Keeping the ballots simple and uncomplicated also is great help to the young and elderly. Making sure the voting day and the voting hours are suitable to all working people with odd shifts easy to get to vote.

The absentee ballots that are available are also a great idea for people who can not get to the polls on Election Day. Keeping things simple and uncomplicated are ways to help young people to use their rights to vote and make a difference in this political world.

Young people being properly informed on candidates running for offices and debates by the candidates should also help them to understand who they feel is best to hold the position. College campuses should invite the students to gather and watch debates and talk about what they saw and share their views on what they feel is important for voting for candidates in the debates. Voting should be an important factor for every eligible person in this country. If you don't like what is happening in the political world then you should exercise your right to vote. Vote to make a difference, to make things better, and make life easier for everyone.