Articles About Voter Turnout

These Reforms Will Get Voters to the Polls

Jamin B. Raskin and Rob Richie.  A record low number of voters will turn out for the Sept. 15 primaries in Maryland and the District. Many people want to revitalize politics by reforming campaign finance, but it may be time to change our election systems as well. The article covers possible reforms to consider.

The Dinosaur in the Living Room  

Rob Richie and Steven Hill  Shockingly low statistics on voter turnout are found in numerous localities. The article argues that our political leaders and concerned citizens should consider changes that will allow voters to see a real connection between their votes and policy, as well as create a new deal for democracy.

Opportunities with New Methods of Voting - Overcoming Structural Barriers to Participation

Burck Smith.  The article proposes to increase voter participation with the help of the National Voter Registration Act, as well as current and future innovations.

Questions and Answers About Motor Voter - An Important Reform That Is Not Just for Democrats   

Bernard Grofman In this article, the author analyses a new way to raise voter turnout, along with potential outcomes of such reform. 

Evaluating Election Turnout  

This essay discusses what constitutes "free and fair" elections along with the inter-relationship of turnout and choice in both democratic and totalitarian countries. 

Voters May Have Their Say Before Election Day

Jo Becker.  This article discusses the "early voting option" offered in some states and notes that this can force voters to cast their ballots without having all the information about their candidates.