UISG results expected Thursday

By Alyssa Cashman
Published March 4th 2008 in The Daily Iowan
Although the hotly contested UI Student Government vote will end tonight, the results will not be revealed until Thursday.

Instant-runoff voting is being used to determine the next UISG president.

During voting on ISIS, students have the option of ranking candidates in order of preference. Students may rank as many candidates as they want, but their No. 1 choice's chances will not be affected.

In the primary round, first choices are counted. Whichever candidate receives the majority of first choices will win. However, if there is no clear majority, runoffs are conducted.

At each runoff, the candidate with the fewest number of first-choice votes will be eliminated. Voters who chose the booted candidate will have their ballots cast for their second choices. This process continues until a clear majority is established.

Maison Bleam, Alan Cosby, Vernon Jackson, and Atul Nakhasi are the presidential aspirants.

According to the Student Elections Board, this procedure allows for better voter choice and wider participation while ensuring that the winner does indeed have the majority of voter support.