2000 Voter Turnout

US Presidential Election 2000

More than 105 million Americans cast their vote for president on Nov. 7, 2000; the closest presidential race in the popular vote since 1976 and the closest presidential race in the electoral vote since 1876.  The 2000 election's voter turnout represents 9.5 million more votes than in the 1996 elections, almost a 10% increase in the number of voters, but only a slight increase from 49.0% in 1996 to 51.0% in 2000.

Turnout By States  This chart illustrates the 2000 presidential voter turnout by state
Votes Cast for Presidential Candidates  A table showing votes cast for major presidential candidates in the US 2000 elections. 
2000 Voter Registration By Party   This is a link to a Ballot Access News listing voter registration by party  in all states that record party registration.
2000 Congressional Results   An analysis on the average margin of victory in congressional races.