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This is the archive for FairVote's periodic newsletters highlighting some of the latest developments in the world of electoral reform and news about FairVote's own research and analysis. For FairVote's Innovative Analysis series, which offers a fresh, accessible perspective on our core issues, click here.

October 29th 2009
Big ballot initiatives, major press for IRV, and big advances in fair access in this month's Reformer
September 30th 2009
IRV at the Oscars, North Carolina pre-registration victory, and PR around the world highlight a big month for electoral reform.
August 31st 2009
Senatorial succession dominates the headlines, and new ballot measures seek to improve elections
July 29th 2009
A special edition of the Reformer, focusing on youth registration and voter registration modernization.
June 30th 2009
The FairVote Reformer: Key wins for right to vote, instant runoff voting wins in court, National Popular Vote makes gains and more.
May 28th 2009
The FairVote Reformer reports on big debuts for IRV, youth voting gains, national discussion of proportional voting, and more!
April 30th 2009
In this edition of FairVote�s Enews: Washington State passes NPV, Burlington (VT) holds another successful IRV mayoral election, choice voting is lauded by a major blogger and advance registration is debated in the states.
February 4th 2009
FairVote Enews highlighting the growing debate over Senate vacancy elections, big IRV successes, and much more!
December 19th 2008
FairVote's look back at 2008's successes in reform and coalition building, with an exciting preview of opportunities for 2009.
November 7th 2008
FairVote's post-election newsletter highlights 10 surprising analyses of the historic 08 elections.
September 18th 2008
FairVote urgent action alert for supporting the National Popular Vote plan in California
February 5th 2008
FairVote newsletter highlights presidential primaries reform, national popular vote wins, Santa Fe instant runoff voting campaign, and advances for youth voting rights. Also featured are Democracy SoS project launch, a June conference, new hires/jobs.
January 7th 2008
FairVote media update highlighting FixThePrimaries.com and Rob Richie media appearances discussing presidential primary reform.
December 18th 2007
FairVote Year-End Newsletter with an appeal from Chair John Anderson.
November 7th 2007
Newsletter highlights big wins for IRV in 2007, plus the upcoming Claim Democracy conference, gala, and video contest winners.
November 1st 2007
FairVote media update highlights large media presence of staff and issues in major publications. Also included is a reminder to attend FairVote's November 2007 conference and gala.
October 19th 2007
FairVote newsletter highlights the exciting coalition and agenda that have formed for the Claim Democracy 2007 conference, as well as our upcoming gala.
September 21st 2007
FairVote update highlights Upgrade Democracy Video contest, plus new writing from Rob Richie, a nifty new Cary, NC IRV video, and more!
September 6th 2007
FairVote celebrates its 15th anniversary with a pro-democracy conference, Nov. gala, a video contest, and more!
July 14th 2007
FairVote's July Newsletter highlights the roll-out of several new projects, including our Upgrade Democracy video contest, a November pro-democracy conference, and our Democracy Innovations brochure series. We also highight new progress on key reforms.
May 22nd 2007
FairVote's May 2007 newsletter highlights state legislative progress for the national popular vote plan and new advances for instant runoff voting in Vermont and for military voters, alongside renewed interest in proportional voting systems for Voting Rig
April 10th 2007
FairVote reform update highlights MD Gov's signing NPV & youth civic education bills into law, along with new endorsements for ranked choice voting in CA.
April 2nd 2007
FairVote Newsflash highlights historic first win for national popular vote plan in Maryland's legislature, along with exciting new developments for instant runoff voting.
March 22nd 2007
FairVote's March 2007 newsletter highlights new gains for IRV in the states, as well as historic progress for the National Popular Vote plan. Meanwhile, proportional voting continues successful use in several elections, while FairVote welcomes new staff.
February 14th 2007
FairVote's Winter 2007 round-up: National Popular Vote in 47 states, IRV successful in Takoma Park, uniform registration proposal advances, new ballot initiatives and the 2007 Claim Democracy Conference.
December 21st 2006
FairVote's 2006 year-end round-up, highlighting an appeal from Rob Richie, IRV campaign victories, our 2007 agenda, and ways you can get involved.
November 7th 2006
FairVote November 2006 Elections Bulletin: 4 IRV Campaigns, Secretary of State Voter Guide, 10 Stories About Election 2006, and Voter Information and Resources
September 21st 2006
Support November IRV Ballot Measures and Watch New IRV Video
August 1st 2006
IRV on the Move, VRA Renewal, and more...
June 30th 2006
Youth registration bill in Rhode Island, Pierce County Washington puts IRV on the ballots, a strong advance for National Popular Vote, and more!
June 1st 2006
Natl Pop Vote win in California, IRV on ballot in Minneapolis, more.
April 28th 2006
100% voter registration poised for success, a victory for the National Popular Vote campaign, FairVote unveils new report series, more.
March 28th 2006
News Flash: great press for National Popular Vote and Burlington's successful mayoral election using IRV. South Carolina to use IRV ballots to allow overseas and military voters participate in runoff elections.
March 10th 2006
IRV elects Burlington's mayor, the National Popular Vote campaign continues strong, a Senate companion bill for the Fairness and Independence in Redistricting Act, and FairVote launches the IRV Victory Fund!
February 23rd 2006
FairVote Newsflash! - New Campaign for Popular Election of the President
February 6th 2006
GOP elect a new leader using a runoff system. California pursues a citizen's assembly model. IRV advances in Alaska and Maryland. Movement for 100% registration in Hawaii.
December 22nd 2005
FairVote's December 2005 newsflash discusses a breakthrough for the citizens assembly model in California, as well as Rob Richie and Ryan O'Donnell's commentary about voting rights for hurricane victims.
December 15th 2005
FairVote's December 2005 Newsletter provides a recap of a year's worth of successes for instant runoff voting, proportional voting, and advancing a right to vote. Also see new commentary and blog posts from FairVote staff on a range of democracy issues.
November 11th 2005
In November�s Newsflash, we celebrate IRV�s landslide 84% victory in Takoma Park. David Moon shares his thoughts on the victory in FairVote�s first podcast, and Rob Richie talks about redistricting reform in FairVote�s new blog.
November 1st 2005
FairVote Director Rob Richie is featured on NPR�s talk of the Nation and in cartoonified in MSNBC�s �Mockracy.� We also feature FairVote�s newest reports on filibusters, presidential elections, and protecting democracy in Louisiana.
August 4th 2005
FairVote's latest projects and reports; a review of how our electoral rules and practices contribute to the current partisan bitterness in our national politics.
July 7th 2005
New Jersey primary elections and Greatest American poll show need for IRV; Iowa restores voting rights to ex-felons; GM nearly adopts proportional voting; LA Senate supports abolition of electoral college.
June 2nd 2005
Two new bills requiring IRV and allowing for proportional voting, and establishing national redistricting standards. Large support for instant runoff voting pilot program in North Carolina
May 19th 2005
FairVote's May NewsFlash highlights advances for choice voting and instant runoff voting in Canada and North Carolina.
May 9th 2005
This month we highlight how FairVote's proposals are grounded in American history and spotlight the pioneers for our reforms. Washington state allows cities to adopt IRV, campuses continue to embrace IRV and proportional voting, and more.
March 31st 2005
In honor of International Women's Month, we spotlight the effect of election policy on women, and how this policy might be improved. Davis California considers Choice Voting, and Arkansas Governor Huckabee signs an IRV bill for overseas military voters.
March 2nd 2005
For February�s Black History month we highlight how electoral reform has empowered African Americans. Burlington votes to adopt IRV for future mayoral elections. Rep. Jackson reintroduces the Right to Vote bill.
January 31st 2005
This month, we cast a spotlight on the right to vote and fair election methods around the world. Full Representation Sweeps through Canada, the Iraqi Elections, and Vermont puts IRV on the ballot.
December 21st 2004
End of the year request for support, FairVote's Year in Review 2004, and Rob Richie & Steven Hill lay out plans for 2005 in an article featured in Tom Paine.
December 10th 2004
Analysis of Election 2004, San Francisco lauded for successful IRV election, importing democracy, and FairVote gears up for a busy 2005!
November 5th 2004
Big wins for instant runoff voting in cities, We still need to protect our right to vote, Election 2004: Revealing and surprising facts.
November 2nd 2004
PAN covers FairVote news conference / Other media, FairVote releases guide to election night on website, Reminder: Couch Pundit contest / Election night party, New York Times on how to make sure you cast a valid vote, Harvard Crimson endorses direct
October 28th 2004
A frozen House / Disrespected right / Indirect election, Latest high-profile instant runoff (IRV) media in Washington Post, IRV news: New federal bill, Ferndale, youth debate, Canada; FairVote reps on NPR and other high-profile venues, DC Area: Elect
September 30th 2004
NY Times features instant runoff voting, CVD Board member Malia Lazu on the
May 21st 2004
Instant runoffs at Utah Republican convention, cumulative voting in Amarillo and corporations, welcoming David Moon to CVD, register to vote on-line, efforts to secure funding for elections, India's election � and a call for full representation, UC-D
April 30th 2004
Supreme Court okays political gerrymandering, Utah Republicans gear up for IRV election on May 8, right-to-vote amendment gathers support, more universities adopt instant runoff voting, new/updated CVD reports on non-majority winners, monopoly Politi
April 3rd 2004
Democracy in America, IRV Legislation, Election Reform Hits Campuses, New Resources for Advocates, and more.
March 4th 2004
Win for IRV in Berkeley, Support for IRV in new Illinois poll, and more.
February 14th 2004
Funds for Reform, IRV/Full Representation Bills in Congress and in States, and more.
January 16th 2004
Full Representation, The Right to Vote, and more.
December 19th 2003
Year-end letter from CVD chairman John Anderson. The Center's long-time chairman reports on the Center's activities in 2003 and plans for 2004.
December 19th 2003
From the Desk of John B. Anderson
December 12th 2003
Supreme Court and Democracy, Dean and IRV, and more.
November 6th 2003
Election 2003 Analysis, Reserving Your Room for the Nov. 21-23 Conference, Public Radio Specials, and more.
October 24th 2003
One month to the "Claim Democracy Conference," HAVA update, Texas Redistricting, Voter Turnout in the CA Recall Election, and more.
October 2nd 2003
"Claim Democracy" Conference, NPR's "Marketplace" Covers IRV, and more.
July 3rd 2003
Texas Redistricting Highlights, CVD's Democracy USA Initiative, IRV in San Francisco and more.
December 2nd 2002
Lessons for 2004 from Louisiana, updates, and media coverage of European Political Tidings.
November 14th 2002
Election 2002 index, updates, media coverage of electoral reform,and monopoly politics 2004 predictions.
November 1st 2002
The Center's Fall 2002 newsletter includes an analysis of "No-Choice Elections", a Voting Systems Reform Update, and more.
November 1st 2002
Pre-Election update with news on upcoming media coverage of electoral reform and new commentaries.
October 31st 2002
Commentary from senior analyst Steven Hill on the stalling growth of women legislators, Nancy Pelosi and winner-take-all and more, plus Rob Richie's list of the ten races to watch on Election Day.
October 16th 2002
Update on federal election reform legislation, Monopoly Politics 2002, and recent commentaries.
October 11th 2002
The inaugural edition of the Center's new digest of short items about current news and opinion regarding politics, representative democracy and political reform, edited by executive director Rob Richie and senior analyst Steven Hill.
October 1st 2002
A late-October Update From the Field from National Field Director Dan Johnson-Weinberger, with the latest news from the states, important upcoming dates and how you can get involved.
September 1st 2002
The September update From the Field from National Field Director Dan Johnson-Weinberger, with reform activities in the states and what you can do.
August 27th 2002
Update from the Alaska campaign trail, including key commentaries from Alaska newspapers.
July 22nd 2002
CVD's Anniversary message, with updates on recent activities, full representation and IRV developments, Steven Hill's new book, and a review of redistricting in the states.
March 11th 2002
The Victory Update, in which Executive Director Rob Richie breaks the good news about instant runoff voting in San Francisco and Vermont. Also, news from recent weeks and new links.
December 1st 2001
Year-End Message to Members of the Center for Voting and Democracy
October 1st 2001
Update from the Field
September 1st 2001
Update from the Field
August 1st 2001
FairVote Newsletter from August 2001
July 27th 2001
Instant runoff voting on San Francisco ballot in March; More big IRV news from states across the nation; Cumulative voting gains big-name support in Illinois; "Redistricting Central": Updates from all 50 states; Modernizing election administration: t
April 3rd 2001
Instant runoff voting legislation in 12 states & Congress Proportional voting legislation in states & Congress; City efforts likely to lead to ballot measures in 2001; Pro-democracy conference June 29-July 1 in Phila.; May 4 event on proportional vot
December 31st 2000
Year end report 2000 and thank you to supporters. Now is the time for voting system reform.
December 31st 2000
2000 Collection of Updates
November 25th 2000
A Thanksgiving chorus: Modernize our elections! The still unresolved presidential election has brought unprecedented attention to our ideas about electoral reform.
November 7th 2000
Comprehensive Election Day 2000 update with analysis of presidential and congressional races; new CVD analyses of redistricting, competition, the breakdown of majority rule; results of "Why Don't We Vote?" essay contest; extensive media coverage of e
December 31st 1999
Year in Review 1999
December 31st 1998
Year in Review 1998
December 31st 1997
Year in Review 1997
December 31st 1996
Year in Review 1996

NM House Passes NPV / NPV Anniversary