Lower/Single House Elections in the World's Democracies
This chart lists the different voting systems used by full-fledged democracies defined as nations with a Freedom House Average Freedom score of 1 or 2 and a population of at least two million. Proportional voting systems are by far the most common. Of the eight nations that do not use proportional voting for their most powerful national legislative body, three (Australia, France and the United Kingdom) use it for at least one national election.

Country Proportional Voting  
 Mixed SMD-PV
 Australia SMD (irv)  

 Canada SMD
 Costa Rica
 Czech Republic
 Dominican Republic 
 France SMD (mr)
 GermanyPV  (mmpv)   
 Ghana SMD  
 Hungary  Mixed (pv) 
 IrelandPV  (choice)   
 Italy  Mixed (smd) 
 Japan  Mixed (smd) 
 Korea, South
  Mixed (smd) 
 Lithuania  Mixed (equal) 
 Mali SMD (mr)  
 Mongolia SMD  

 New Zealand
PV  (mmpv)   

 South Africa
 Taiwan  Mixed (smd) 
 United Kingdom
 United States


Democracy = A  2007 Freedom House Average Freedom score of 2 or less.
Includes only countries with more than two million inhabitants.

IRV: Instant Runoff Voting (also called "alternative vote")
MMPV: Mixed-Member Proportional Voting
MR: Majority Runoff
PV: Proportional Voting
SMD: Single-Member Districts
Choice Voting: Also called "Single-Transferable Vote" (STV)

Note: For the Mixed Systems, SMD or PV signifies that the SMD or PV component is dominant.

Source: Mark P. Jones, Professor of Political Science, Rice University

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