November 12 - Suffragium Ex Machina

November 04 - FairVote on Election 2009: Pundits Rush to Errant Judgment

October 09 - DC Council Approves Landmark Election Reform Legislation

September 15 - Special Edition: The Many Faces of Reform

September 01 - Motion Picture Academy Adopts Instant Runoff Voting for Best Picture

September 01 - Blagojevich "Tell-All" Book Shows You Can't Play Appointment Games in U.S. House Elections

August 27 - If You Proportionally Allocate, They Will Come

August 25 - Major Editorials: Let Voters Choose Massachusetts' Senators

August 21 - FairVote: Massachusetts Should Not Move to Appointed Senators

August 18 - Report: Widely Used Voting Machine Missed 0.4% of Ballots

August 07 - Martinez Resignation Highlights Need for Elections to Fill Senate Vacancies

July 17 - Primary Power to the People

July 13 - FairVote's Adam Fogel Advises DC Council to Pass Election Reform

June 25 - The Swing States of America

June 24 - FairVote Applauds Introduction of FAIR Redistricting Reform Act

June 11 - New Jersey, Virginia and other States of Flux

June 10 - Virginia Primary Turnout Up - But Still Low Despite National Profile

June 05 - Virginia Primary Winner May Not Have Majority Support Among State Dems

June 03 - NJ Gubernatorial Primary Turnout Lowest in Years

May 26 - Get �Em (Ready to Vote) While They�re Young

May 14 - Good Things Come to Those Who Rank

February 05 - Michael Steele's RNC Win Helps Show how Instant Runoff Voting Works: Ranked voting methods abound in America culture

January 29 - Senate Vacancies

January 28 - FairVote Testimony on Ideas for Local Reform

December 09 - FairVote Announces Inaugural Democracy Innovator Awards

December 04 - 2008's Shrinking Battleground and Its Stark Impact on Campaign Activity

October 29 - Presidential Candidate Tracker � Oct. 29th Update

October 27 - New Study: Large Counties in Swing States May Face Election Day Problems

October 22 - With two weeks to go, presidential candidates spoil six lucky states

October 20 - New Study: Lack of Planning in Virginia May Cause Election Day Problems

October 17 - October 17th Update on Presidential Visits and Spending

October 09 - The Swing States of America

October 06 - New Study: Colorado Officials Not Prepared for Anticipated Turnout

September 08 - New Study: New Mexico Leads in On-Campus Polls, Equipment Uniformity

August 27 - New Study: Missouri May Experience Long Lines on Election Day

July 09 - Students use Instant Runoff Voting at U.S. Universities

June 30 - Legislature Debates Extending Instant Runoff Pilot

June 26 - What If They Had a Runoff and Nobody Came?

June 25 - Why Two Elections When One Can Do?

May 14 - Deconstructing the Media's Clinton-Obama Ouija Board

April 11 - Why Three Elections When One Could Do?

April 10 - What If They Had a Runoff and Nobody Came?

April 03 - Delegating Democracy

April 01 - Missouri State Senate Hearing On Majority Voting Elections Through Instant Runoff Voting

February 04 - Understanding Super Tuesday

January 30 - How the Rules May Affect Tsunami Tuesday

January 23 - Musician Krist Novoselic Will Head Election Reform Group

January 09 - Republicans to Vote on Reforming Primaries

December 11 - Grand Old Primaries

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November 15 - Is There Accountability Without Candidates?

November 08 - Instant Runoffs are a Runaway Hit

October 25 - Nomination by Attrition

October 22 - FairVote Announces Upgrade Democracy Video Contest Finalists!

October 18 - Instant Runoff Voting a Success in Cary, N.C. Pilot Election

October 17 - FairVote to Host Major Pro-Democracy Conference

October 14 - Youth pre-registration picks up steam

October 11 - The Senate Loses its Cool

October 04 - Of Campaigns and Crosswords

September 27 - The Primaries' Premature Nomination Problem

September 20 - Barry Bonds, Blast-offs and Ballots

September 13 - New Report: California GOP-Backed Electoral Vote Plan �Deeply Flawed�

September 13 - The President of Everyone?

September 06 - The First Shall Be Last

August 30 - To the Spoilers Belong the Victors

August 23 - Growing Polarization

August 16 - History of Congressional District Method for Presidential Elections Fraught with Partisan Intrigue

August 16 - History of Congressional District Method for Presidential Elections Fraught with Partisan Intrigue

August 09 - Fuzzy Math

August 02 - The Myth of the Recount Menace

July 30 - FairVote Launches Internet Video Contest!

July 26 - '08ers to Big States:
We Only Love You for Your Money

July 19 - The People's House?

July 12 - Electoral College is #1 All-Time Constitutional Target

July 05 - Why is My D Voting Like an R?

June 28 - Electoral College Won't Keep Bloomberg Down

June 27 - Rhode Island Youth Voter Advance Registration Waits for Governor�s Signature

January 31 - New Election Method a Success in Takoma Park

January 29 - Takoma Park Unveils New Voting Method

November 08 - Candidates Weren't The Only Victors on Tuesday: Nationally, Election Reform Wins Big

November 03 - 10 Stories about Election '06
You Won't Learn from Polls

September 21 - National Media Await Schwarzenegger Decision on Electoral College Reform Bill

August 16 - FairVote and the American Political Science Association Cosponsor Half-Day Course on the National Popular Vote Plan

July 20 - Instant Runoff Voting: Two Major Advances in 24 Hours

July 19 - Instant runoff voting passes North Carolina Senate

July 18 - Today Bipartisan Bill to Reform Redistricting

July 10 - City Council Expected to Endorse an Early Primary for Washington, DC

July 07 - FairVote�s John Anderson: Let�s Bring Young Adults into our Democracy

June 30 - Come As You Are : Nirvana�s Krist Novoselic to Speak on Election Reform

June 29 - The Day After LULAC: What's Next for Redistricting Reform?

June 28 - California Senate Elections Committee Approves National Popular Vote Bill

June 27 - Pre-Registration for 16-year-olds passes Rhode Island Senate

June 16 - Al Gore Wins Presidential Straw Poll At Take Back America Conference

June 05 - In California, Major Endorsements for National Popular Vote Plan

May 30 - California Assembly: Yes to National Popular Vote Plan

May 26 - New York Assembly to Consider National Popular Vote

May 18 - FairVote will analyze NOLA runoffs

May 17 - FairVote Takes on New Staff

May 11 - Implementation of instant runoff voting one step closer in Vermont

April 21 - Reform and Research Center
Will Analyze NOLA Elections