David Segal - Analyst
David Segal is an analyst for FairVote, working on a variety of issues including the right to vote, voter registration, instant runoff voting, and proportional representation. He serves as a member of the Rhode Island House of Representatives, representing parts of Providence and East Providence. Prior to that, he served on the Providence City Council, as the first and only Green Party member to win elected office in Rhode Island. During the 2004 electoral cycle, he founded and chaired the federal political action committee, Greens for Impact. He's a proprietor of and contributor to the ProvidenceDailyDose.com, and was a founding contributor to RIFuture.org, Rhode Island's preeminent political blog. His opinions pieces on electoral reform have been published in the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Baltimore Sun, Providence Journal, and elsewhere. David grew up in Maryland outside of Washington, DC, earned a BA in mathematics from Columbia University in 2001, and has otherwise been employed as a journalist, tutor, and teacher.