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October 22nd 2009
St. Paul should join IRV bandwagon
Star Tribune

Star Tribune stands behind IRV voting. They believe that if this system is used in St. Paul, it will show the state of Missouri that IRV can work and can better represent the voters in the state.

October 19th 2009
Minneapolis lauches IRV education campaign for Nov. 3 elections

In two weeks, the city of Minneapolis will be using instant runoff voting in their elections for the first time.

October 7th 2008
Local Group Attempts to Reform Kansas City Voting System
Kansas City InfoZine

A new group has formed in Kansas City to help get ranked choice voting implemented as Kansas City's voting system for all municipal elections.

July 31st 2008
Ranked-choice voting
Kansas City Star

Letter to the Editor suggesting ranked choice voting as a solution to high-cost low-turnout runoff elections in Kansas.

July 26th 2007
Instant runoff voting
Kansas City Star

An activist from on the alternative to forcing voters to choose "the candidate they dislike the least."

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