2001 Utah GOP Convention IRV Elections

In August 2001, the Utah GOP elected state party officers. Instant runoff voting was used in the races with more than two candidates: Vice Chair and Secretary. Results of these races are below. Colored ballots to distinguish the races were counted by hand in the IRV races. Ballots for the rest of the races were counted using a punchcard machine.

According to participants, balloting and vote counting went reasonably well though not perfectly.  Balloting took about one hour, and vote counting took a couple hours.  The process was generally seen as non-controversial, although folks widely recognize that with more experience, additional voter education and better technology, the process will go more smoothly.

In April 2000, the Summit County Republican Party nominated a county commission using instant runoff voting.  The election used paper ballots that allowed voters to write the name of the first through fourth candidate.  Voters cast 62 ballots, there were no spoiled ballots, and a candidate received the nomination with over 60% after eliminating the two weakest candidates.

The counties of  Summit, Box Elder, Cache and Sevier are planning to use instant runoff voting for nominations this spring.  We will attempt to post information about these elections as well as the IRV nominations at the state convention on May 11, 2002.

Results of Aug 2001 Officer Elections Using IRV
Source: www.utgop.org/

Vice Chair

Candidate 1st Round Instant Runoff
Stefani Stone 324 --
Frank Guliuzza 744 882
Candace Daly 755 845


Candidate 1st Round Instant Runoff
Harmer 854 1,016
Cook 478 528