Key Documents from August 2003 San Francisco IRV Litigation

Following are documents filed by the plaintiffs and defendants in litigation seeking enforcement of San Francisco's instant runoff voting law for the November 2003 city elections.

The documents from the plaintiffs (including the Center for Voting and Democracy) are in in pdf form. The documents from the defendants (those who run the San Francisco Department of Elections) can only be ready by efax. To download the free efax software, please go to

Filed by Plaintiffs on August 18, 2003

* Reply to Defendants

* Graphics Attached to Reply

* Declaration of Robert Latham

* Declaration of Robert Richie

* Declaration of Steven Hill

* Declaration of Caleb Kleppner

* Declaration of Gerard Gleason

* Declaration of Sonia Taylor

* Declaration of Joseph McGuire

* Declaration of Jon Golinger

Filed by Defendants on August 15, 2003

* Reply to Plaintiffs August 11 Filing

* Declaration of John Arntz, Director of Elections

* Declarations of Three California Election Officials

Filed by Plaintiffs on August 11, 2003

* Main Argument (ex parte application for TRO)

 * Complaint

* Declaration from Steven Hill

* Declaration from Lowell Finley