League of Women Voters Endorsements for Ranked Choice Voting
Local League of Women Voters across the nation are supporting and adopting electoral system reform, in particular proportional representation (PR) and instant runoff voting (IRV). Through proportional representation, like-minded groupings of voters win legislative seats in better proportion to their share of the population. Whereas current winner-take-all elections award 100% of power to a 50.1% majority, PR allows voters in a minority to win a fair representation. While proportional representation is used to elect multi-seat bodies, instant runoff voting applies to single member offices like mayor or governor. The current plurality system allows the candidate with the most votes to win even if the majority of voters supported other candidates. IRV elects candidates who have received a majority of votes by allowing voters to rank candidates in order of preference. Candidates with the least number of votes are eliminated and the votes transferred to the next preference until a candidate receives a simple majority.

[Download a complete list of LWV positions on Ranked Choice Voting]

State Chapter Positions:

LWV Arizona
LWV California
LWV Florida
LWV Massachusetts

LWV Minnesota
LWV North Carolina
LWV South Carolina
LWV Vermont
LWV Washington

Last edited 07/11/08