Ekua Boateng
Ekua Boateng is an intern on the Right to Vote Initiative at FairVote. She researches voting rights issues, including the areas of youth voting and registration and civic education. She will be assisting on the civic education and voting research project scheduled to be carried out Fall 2008—a peer-to-peer civic education project, which allows students to be informed on voting history and the mechanics of voting.

Before joining FairVote, Ekua worked in a variety of government jobs in the UK.  Her last position was working with the Home Office on the Tackling Gangs Action Programme, a six month programme which was tasked with taking an in depth look into the problems and solutions surrounding this issue, in four localities, London, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool.

Ekua received a Second Upper Class degree in Politics from Brunel University, Uxbridge (West London), UK and was awarded the politics and history prize for her dissertation.