Choice Voting Program Director
FairVote, one of the nation's leading democracy organizations, with a particular focus on bold, change-oriented electoral reforms, is seeking applicants for Choice Voting Program Director. Our vision of an equally secure, meaningful and effective vote for all Americans is founded on the principles articulated in the Declaration of Independence, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech: we are created equal, government is of, by, and for the people, and it is time to make real the promise of democracy. With strong support from interns and a national network of volunteers, our hard-working and energetic staff advances our mission of achieving "the way democracy will be": majority voting for executive offices through instant runoff voting, universal voter registration of all eligible voters, proportional voting for fair representation of legislatures, a constitutional right to vote and a national popular vote for presidential elections.

The Choice Voting Program Director will be responsible for building public education, infrastructure and wins for the choice voting method of proportional voting. Choice voting is a form of proportional representation that allows voters to rank candidates in order of preference, allowing like-minded groupings of voters to win legislative seats in better proportion to their share of the population. Whereas winner-take-all elections award 100% of power to a 50.1% majority, choice voting allows voters in a minority to win a fair share of representation. Choice voting is used around the world and was used in major U.S. cities, including New York and Cincinnati, throughout the progressive era and beyond. FairVote hopes to revive and expand this election method today.The primary duties of the Choice Voting Program Director will be to harness and cultivate grassroots, organizational, and institutional support for choice voting, with the goal of gaining new implementations and support this election method. Preliminary areas for work may include Cincinnati (OH) and New York (NY). Additionally, the position will involve aiding with existing implementation, research and voter education efforts in places where choice voting is used or pending implemention, such as Cambridge (MA), Minneapolis (MN), and Davis (CA). The program director may also work on building choice voting infrastructure by advancing public interest voting equipment standards, and by creating new opportunities and synergy with instant runoff voting, the Voting Rights Act, and other proportional voting methods.

Job Duties May Include a Combination of The Following Tasks:

*Assist in educating local, state and federal officials.
*Conduct elections research and analysis.
*Draft policy briefs, white papers, and op. ed's.
*Monitor and digest proportional voting news around the world.
*Blog and create content for website, brochures, and manuals.
*Represent FairVote in local and national coalitions.
*Help craft fundraising proposals.
*Develop grassroots interest in choice voting, through action alerts, meetups, and other e-tools.
*Design effective public education documents and media.
*Supervise junior staff and interns; manage volunteers.


FairVote is a change-oriented organization with a young, hard-working staff with strong support from interns and volunteers. Our office is conveniently located in historic Old Town Takoma Park, two blocks from the DC Metro Takoma Station (red line). We seek an applicant eager to work in such an environment, and, ideally, with some of the following skills:

* Experience working in a nonprofit, political, or policy organization.
* Professional or volunteer experience relating to voting or education.
* Familiarity with proportional voting and ranked choice voting systems.
* Strong public speaking, writing and/or research skills.
* Ability to work well in a team environment, both as employee and supervisor.
* Strong listener, with an attention to detail and ability to self-organize.
* Ability to adapt quickly to changes in the workplace and ask questions when needed.
* Ability to become fluent in complex policy areas and projects quickly.
* Sense of humor and passion for voting reform.


Salary is commensurate with experience, and includes full health and dental benefits.

How to Apply:

Resume, cover letter and writing sample, including two references required to be considered. Please send materials to [email protected]. Deadline for application is XXXXXX.