Brennan Center: Voting Rights Fellow
Position: The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law is seeking a junior attorney with up to five years of experience for a one-year fellowship with the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program.  The Program seeks to bring the ideal of representative self-government closer to reality, by eliminating barriers to full and equal political participation and by striving to ensure that public policy and institutions reflect the diverse voices and interests that make for a rich and energetic democracy.  This position involves work principally on voting rights (including the rights of people with felony convictions) and reform of election administration (including voter registration restrictions, photo ID requirements for voting, and other practices likely to suppress the vote and have a disproportionate impact on communities of color).  Activities include legal and policy analysis and counseling; legislative drafting at federal, state, and local levels; administrative and legislative advocacy; public education and scholarship; and litigation in trial and appellate courts.  Ideally, the position will commence in January 2008 or very soon afterward.

Qualifications:  The ideal candidate will have a J.D., up to five years of legal experience (including clerkships, if any), and a strong entrepreneurial spirit.  Excellent legal research, analysis, and writing skills; initiative, imagination, and versatility; organizational skills; ability to deal with diverse clients and to coordinate work effectively with other organizations.  Legal or other advocacy experience, especially on voting rights and elections at the state level, organizing experience, and demonstrated commitment to public interest law are real pluses.

Salary:  Commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits package.

Applications:  Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, and a decision will be made as soon as an appropriate candidate is identified.  Please send cover letter, resume, two writing samples, and the names, e-mail addresses, and telephone numbers of three references to [email protected], with “Voting Rights Fellow” in the subject line.

The Center:  The Brennan Center is a non-profit, non-partisan public policy and law institute that focuses on the fundamental issues of democracy and justice.  The Center now has approximately 55 staff members, including attorneys, researchers, and public affairs professionals.  For more information, visit:
The Brennan Center for Justice is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer, which welcomes qualified applicants of all races, ethnicities, physical and mental abilities, genders, and sexual orientations, including people who have been previously incarcerated.