Ari Savitzky - Director of FairVote Rhode Island
Ari's Bio PicAri Savitzky grew up in Providence, Rhode Island, and graduated from Brown University in 2006. At Brown, he co-edited the opinions section of the Brown Daily Herald, served on the undergraduate student government and as president of the class of 2006, and delivered one of the 2006 commencement orations. A history concentrator focusing on American political history, Ari was a frequent contributor and columnist for campus publications like Post- and the Independant.

He has worked on several political campaigns, writing for former Providence Mayor Joe Paolino in 2002, organizing students and interning in New Hampshire for Howard Dean in 2004, and most recently managing progressive RI State Rep David Segal's 2006 victory.

Before working for FairVote, Ari lived in Beijing for 8 months, where he copy-edited and wrote for an English language newspaper and developed his Mandarin language skills. In addition to working for FairVote, Ari writes and blogs, mostly for the Providence Daily Dose and Rhode Island's Future.

Ari can be reached at ari (at)