Ross Margulies - Development Director
Ross is Development Director at FairVote. Formerly a summer intern working extensively in both development and in FairVote's Voting and Democracy Research Center, he is now tasked with FairVote's major fundraising and grant seeking efforts.

Co-founder and former Director of Finance for the End Poverty Now Society in Montreal, Ross helped bring the organization into the forefront of the youth-led NGO community in North America. In addition to his previous experience with non-profit development, Ross has a strong passion for voting reform and produced a comprehensive working paper during his undergraduate career on FairVote's Monopoly Politics.

Born in Columbus, Ohio, Ross received a First Class Joint Honors degree in Political Science and International Development from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He is currently pursuing his Masters in Public Health from the George Washington University.

You can contact Ross via e-mail at rossm(AT)