Vermont News Coverage from the FairVote Archives

Electoral System Reform In Vermont

Vermont's largest paper, the Burlington Free Press, highlights the "heavy lobbying" underway to adopt IRV in its review of Vermont's 2003 legislative calendar. Click here to see the series of articles.
Montpellier Times Argus: (VT) "Instant runoff backers differ from Sorrell." Article describes controversy surrounding Attorney General Sorrell's testimony on runoff voting. February 28, 2003. 

Burlington Free Press: (VT) "Attorney general says runoff voting requires constitutional amendment." Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell concludes that IRV could be possible if Vermont legislators decide to amend the state constitution. February 25, 2003.

St. Albans Messenger: (VT) "How Your Vote Could Count." Editorial by Vermont Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz champions IRV in Vermont. February 17, 2003.

Brattleboro Reformer (VT): News article demonstrates strong support for passage of measure to institute IRV for statewide elections. January 6, 2003.

Associated Press  (VT): "Groups still calling for instant runoff." Vermont PIRG executive director Paul Burns explains benefits of IRV in the context of 2002 elections. December 17, 2002

Rutland Herald (VT): "Group states case for instant runoff." Report of Voter's Choice Coalition press conference launching IRV petition. December 17, 2002

WCAX-TV Burlington (VT): "Election Reform Group Pushes Again for New Voting System."Governor Elect Jim Douglas comments on IRV drive. December 17, 2002

Rutland Herald (VT): "Keeping elections democratic." Commentary in favor of IRV by League of Women Voters leader. December 11, 2002

Burlington Free Press (VT): "New voting methods can help Vt." Author Bill McKibben recounts his experiences with ranked ballots and what IRV can do for Vermont. November 16, 2002

ABC-22 News (VT): "Lawmakers Consider Amendment." Story from Vermont news channel features quote on IRV from Governor Howard Dean. November 8, 2002

Bennington Banner (VT): "State elections need to be reformed." League of Women Voters of Vermont President Marge Gaskins urges the legislature to make IRV a priority. October 11, 2002

Associated Press (VT): "Governor addresses Legislature vote." Gov. Howard Dean advocates IRV for Vermont statewide elections. October 6, 2002.

Burlington Free Press (VT): Commentary in support of IRV from chairwoman of the Vermont Commission to Study Preference Voting.  "Time has come for IRV reform." March 17, 2002

Burlington Free Press  (VT): Editorial that highlights virtues of IRV while stressing the need for more education about IRV.  "Democratic Runoff." March 13, 2002

Rutland Herald  (VT): Article about how 51 of 54 Vermont towns considering non-binding referenda on IRV approved the measure.  "Runoff backers tout poll." March 11, 2002

The Caledonian-Record  (VT): Ellie Dixon commentary endorsing IRV.  "'Yes' to Instant Runoff Voting." March 11, 2002

Rutland Herald  (VT): Editorial endorsing IRV in Vermont.  "Instant Solution." March 10, 2002

Vermont Associated Press : Deb Markowitz endorses IRV.  "Secretary of State lends support to instant runoff elections." March 10, 2002

Burlington Free Press  (VT): President of League of Women Voters in Vermont endorses IRV for state elections (including governor).  "'Instant runoff' presents fair solution for voters." February 28, 2002

Rutland Herald (VT): Front-page story about efforts supported by the League of Women Voters and the Vermont Secretary of State to promote instant runoff voting for statewide elections-"Runoff election advocated." December 27, 2001

Bennington Banner  (VT): Commentary by Vermont Secretary of State Deborah Markowtiz about the benefits of instant runoff voting-"Majority Rule in Vermont's Elections." March 26, 2001