Sample RFP's for Voting Equipment
The following jurisdictions have included provisions to ensure ranked ballot compatibility.  Please send a note to [email protected] if you are aware of any others.


   1. Mendocino (CA)
   2. Alameda (CA)
   3. Santa Clara (CA)

1. Mendocino County (CA) (April 2003)

Request for Proposals (RFP 10-03), Exhibit A - Statement of work and technical proposal

52. Instant runoff voting (IRV)

52.1 Requirement

System shall have the potential to support Instant Runoff Voting, proportional voting or similar voting methods.  If the voting system currently cannot support these methods, and this becomes a need for the County, the system shall be adapted to do so.

52.2 Vendor's Response

a.  Will you meet this requirement      Y _____ N _____

b.  How do you propose to meet this requirement?

2. Alameda County (CA) (May 2000)

In Alameda County, which has deployed a touch screen system for precincts combined with optical scanners for absentee ballots, the RFP included the statement, "Each vendor must be able to specify how their proposed system will be able to address the following specific requirements." It then lists a series of questions, including:

    How will the [voting equipment] manage alternative voting system such as cumulative or preferential voting?

3. Santa Clara County (CA) (July 2002)

(From Request for Proposal)



    5. Logic and accuracy testing for the system and individual units; system must be able to accommodate ballot rotation and Instant Runoff Voting.

    [This is on page 13 of the 21-page RFP.]

(From contract between county and vendor, Sequoia Voting Systems, page 11, section 28, Instant Runoff Voting.)

    Following direction and certification from the California Secretary of State, Sequoia must provide the all [sic] necessary computer software for instant runoff election capability within a reasonable time to be agreed by the parties. If instant runoff voting is authorized in the State of California and required by the County, Sequoia must develop and certify an upgrade within a reasonable time to be agreed by the parties.