Arkansas IRV for military voters
Arkansas Expands Use of Instant Runoff Ballots
All Overseas Voters Will Join Military Personnel in Using Ranked Ballots
Soldier Voting

On March 9, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe signed legislation requiring instant runoff ballots for all overseas absentee voters. This is an expansion of the state's successful use of ranked ballots to ensure overseas military voters' ballots are counted. The bill was approved unanimously by both houses of the legislature.

Springfield, IL, also has the opportunity to use instant runoff ballots to protect overseas voters. The city council has placed a measure for instant runoff ballots on the April 17 ballot. This measure has received support from the mayor and the county election administrator.

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Arkansas Institutes IRV for Overseas Military Voters
Rep. Hardwick, AkansasArkansas Governor Mike Huckabee last week signed legislation providing that overseas military voters will receive instant runoff voting ballots in all federal, state and local elections that might have a runoff. Championed by Republican state legislator Horace Hardwick (left) and passed with only one dissenting vote in the legislature, HB 1770 solves a problem for overseas military voters. Runoff elections often  take place too soon after the first round to provide time for runoff ballots to be printed, mailed and returned in time to count.

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