International Elections
In international governments:


  • Australia, to elect its House of Representaives since 1949 and to elect most state and territory lower houses.
  • Bosnia, for certain sub-national elections, since 2000.
  • Bougainville, first used IRV for presidential elections in December 2008.
  • Fiji, since 1997.
  • Papua New Guinea, since 2001.
  • The Republic of Ireland, to elect its president since 1922.
  • London, to elect its mayor since 2000. Also, several other UK cities use IRV to elect their mayors.
  • Malta, to elect its president since 1921.
  • Sri Lanka, to elect its president since 1978.
  • India, indirectly for president and to fill vacancies.
  • Conservative Party in Canada for leadership elections.
  • Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, Canada for leadership elections.
  • Liberal Party of New Zealand (Optional Preferential Voting)
  • Labour Party in the UK for leadership elections.