An Invitation from Krist Novoselic

On Monday, March 13, 2006, Krist Novoselic will be hosting a fundraiser for FairVote - The Center for Voting and Democracy.

FairVote is the leading organization advocating Ranked Choice Voting, Proportional Voting and other innovations set to remedy many of the present challenges of our democracy.

The location:

Darbury Stenderu
2121 First Avenue
in Seattle's Belltown.

6:00 to 8:00pm

Please attend to hear and meet leaders of the electoral reform movement in our state. Rob Richie, FairVote's executive director, will be attending along with FairVote Board member Cindy Terrell.

Krist Writes:

I will bring three cases of Washington State Sparkling wine. And the canapes are set up with a professional caterer. Darbury's store will be glamorous. The featured speakers are you, I and Professor Todd Donovan. I will be fairly strict about the $25.00 donation. There is no "suggested donation," however $25.00 will cover a family unit. Any donation over $50.00 will receive a special Darbury Stenderu FairVote t-shirt.

-Krist Novoselic

For more information, please contact Christina Bernard at [email protected]