Jack Santucci - Analyst

Jack has been an analyst at FairVote since October 2005. Working mostly with the Program for Representative Government, he studies the effects of electoral institutions to support reform efforts.

Jack developed the FairVote Blog; has written on international legislative elections; given testimony to state legislatures and authored policy papers on redistricting and representation issues at the local, state and federal levels. His work has appeared in the Progressive Populist, Amarillo Globe-News and National Civic Review.

Jack earned a B.A. (Hon.) in political science from McGill University in May, 2005. Currently residing in the District of Columbia, he is a Connecticut native. His main interests are electoral systems and institutional design.

November 10th 2008
How D.C. votes
The Washington Times

FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie and former staff member Jack Santucci explain how winner take all rules promote one party rule on the Washington, DC City Council.

January 31st 2007
Democracy Denied

Washington, DC's Lack of U.S. Senators Hurts Urban America Too

July 9th 2006
New districts in harmony with one person, one vote
Amarillo Globe-News

FairVote's Jack Santucci wants Amarillo, TX to add City Commissioners to the offices it elects under cumulative voting.

June 6th 2006
Majority Rule in International Presidential Elections

The Dominant Role of Runoffs Around the World

April 4th 2006
International Snapshot: Ukraine

Verkhovna Rada Election, March 2006

April 1st 2006
The Missing Half

Ensuring Fair Representation in Post-merger Essex, VT

February 21st 2006
A Solution to Louisiana's Post-Katrina Electoral Problems

Responsiveness, Voting Rights and Continuity in Congressional Representation

February 1st 2006
International Snapshot: Palestine 2006

Legislative Election, January 2006

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