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May 6th 2009

Matthew Morse on the National Popular Vote Compact

Big news from Washington! What is the "compact"? What is the current status of the National Popular Vote Plan? And much more.
March 16th 2009

Howard Dean on IRV

Howard Dean Discusses instant runoff voting on Radio Vermont's Mark Johnson Show. (58 sec. 464 KB)
February 19th 2008

Chris Pearson on IRV

Chris Pearson & Kevin Mullin debate instant runoff voting on Vermont Public Radio
January 25th 2008

Glen Ford on Obama-Clinton, Rob Richie on electoral process

Rob Richie talks about our election process and the vital need for reforms during the 2008 election cycle.
January 23rd 2008

Rob Richie on Democracy Now

Rob Richie discusses presidential elections, proportional representation and instant runoff voting (IRV).
November 4th 2007

Media Matters tackles Elections

Rob Richie has a substantive discussion on a broad range of electoral topics on WILL-AM. The conversation covers the chaos of the primaries, national popular vote, and much more.
October 2nd 2007

Rob Richie talks IRV in Sarasota

Rob Richie discusses the possibilities for instant runoff voting in Sarasota (FL) on WMNF Evening News. (5:14, 2.5 MB)
August 22nd 2007

The Slow Motion Stampede

Rob Richie and Kentucky Secretary of State Tray Grayson talk about solutions to the broken presidential primary system on NPR's "All Things Considered."
August 14th 2007

Fuzzy Math

Ryan O'Donnell explains why allocating electoral votes by congressional district is a step backwards (33.4MB .mp3)
June 21st 2007

John Anderson and the Redistricting Game

FairVote's chairman helps unveil a new gerrymandering computer game, with an introduction from Rep. John Tanner.

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