Vote Here, Inc
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VoteHere, Inc.
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Bellevue, WA 98004
CONTACT: Pauline Warren, Vice President of Sales
PHONE: 425-450-2770
FAX: 425-453-4350
[email protected]
Name of DRE (direct recording electronic)/Optical Scan Equipment for public electionse-Voting Solution -- Gold (private orgs.) -- Platinum
Precinct-based error correctionVoteHere does not build full voting systems; we just build audit and voter
verification solutions. However, I'll say in general that our audit and
verification solutions are capable of handling all the scenarios you ask
about below.
Ability to handle cumulative voting (hardware) 
Current software's ability to handle cumulative voting 
Ability to handle rank order ballots (hardware) 
Current software's ability to handle rank order ballots 
If can handle both hardware and software: memory capacity? i.e. how many ballots  and races using rank-order ballots each machine can handle?   
Accessibility for disabled 
Language flexibility 
Ballot image storage 
Cost of upgrading