IVS (Inspire)
IVS (Inspire)
10001 Linn Station Road, Suite 205
Louisville, KY 40223
(888) 888-6952 (Toll Free)
(502) 426-7905 (Phone)
(502) 425-9549 (Fax)
[email protected]
Name of DRE (direct recording electronic)/Optical Scan Equipment for public electionsThey only do voting by phone
Precinct-based error correctionYes
Ability to handle cumulative voting (hardware)Yes
Current software's ability to handle cumulative votingYes
Ability to handle rank order ballots (hardware)Yes
Current software's ability to handle rank order ballotsYes
If can handle both hardware and software: memory capacity? i.e. how many ballots  and races using rank-order ballots each machine can handle?  Unlimited
Accessibility for disabledYes
Language flexibilityYes
Ballot image storageYes (on the server)
Cost of upgradingNA