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Name of DRE (direct recording electronic)/Optical Scan Equipment for public electionseSlate -- DRE
Precinct-based error correctionY
Ability to handle cumulative voting (hardware)Yes
Current software's ability to handle cumulative votingYes
Ability to handle rank order ballots (hardware)The eslate system does not currently support IRV or ranked choice voting but it is included in our product roadmap and will be available in a future system release. I cannot give you a more specific timeline for this addition of this addition but can tell you that state customer requirements and federal and state voting systems standards determine the priority and subsequently submitted for federal and state certification. If IRV/ranked choice voting (or anything similar) is something that any one of our other state customers lists as a mandatory requirement in the eslate voting system, then we will most certainly provide this functionality by the required deadline. 
Current software's ability to handle rank order ballotsSee above
If can handle both hardware and software: memory capacity? i.e. how many ballots  and races using rank-order ballots each machine can handle?  Undetermined right now, see above.
Accessibility for disabledYes
Language flexibilityYes
Ballot image storageYes, stores cast vote records electronically
Cost of upgradingUndetermined right now, see above.