Election Data Corporation
Election Data Corporation
 29751 Valley Center Road
Valley Center, CA 92082
CONTACT: L.L. Stephens
PHONE: 760/751-1131
FAX: 760/751-1141
Name of DRE (direct recording electronic)/Optical Scan Equipment for public electionsBooths, carriers, ballot boxes, all custom made
Precinct-based error correction 
Ability to handle cumulative voting (hardware)N/A
Current software's ability to handle cumulative votingN/A
Ability to handle rank order ballots (hardware)N/A
Current software's ability to handle rank order ballotsN/A
If can handle both hardware and software: memory capacity? i.e. how many ballots  and races using rank-order ballots each machine can handle?  N/A
Accessibility for disabledYes
Language flexibilityN/A
Ballot image storageN/A
Cost of upgradingN/A