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Name of DRE (direct recording electronic)/Optical Scan Equipment for public electionsAt AccuPoll, our voting equipment consists of a DRE voting system with a Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) using standard cut-sheet paper stock that is both human readable and can be optically scanned.  Our voting system is certified under the 2002 FEC Voting System Standards. Our NASED Qualification Number is N-2-13-22-22-001.
Precinct-based error correctionYes, voters are given a summary that allows them to go back and change their vote; machines also automatically catch under and overvoting. There is a system to spoil specific vote so that the voter can redo entire vote.
ability to handle cumulative voting (hardware)Yes. Our hardware was designed to be able to handle cumulative voting.
current software's ability to handle cumulative votingAt present, we do not have a cumulative software solution certified, but it is planned in the next release to be certified and would be available to our existing customers at no additional charge.
ability to handle rank order ballots (hardware)Yes. Our hardware was designed to be able to handle rank order ballots.
current software's ability to handle rank order ballotsAt AccuPoll, we use a software solution known as Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). IRV has been certified under the 2002 FEC Voting System Standards guidelines and is ready for immediate delivery.
If can handle both hardware and software: memory capacity? i.e. how many ballots  and races using rank-order ballots each machine can handle?  The AccuPoll system was designed and built to offer flexibility in handling large elections. The number of different ballots, number of contests and number of candidates available in any contest theoretically has no limits in the AccuPoll system and has been tested to perform with well over 400 ballot positions.
Accessibility for disabledYes. AccuPoll is fully compliant with the 2002 HAVA requirements. Our equipment provides several different types of accessibility options to the voter. To begin with, our system uses an 8-wire touch screen, which allows the voter to vote using not only human touch, but any object they choose including, but not limited to, a prosthetic limb, a pointing device, a finger nail, or a pen tip. The voter also has the ability to change font sizes on the touch screen, volume, and language selection on the fly, so they can switch change their preferences throughout their entire voting process. For voters with limited mobility, AccuPoll has a keypad solution certified that would allow a voter to vote their entire ballot using a keypad that uses unique shapes to assist even those who may be functionally illiterate. This same keypad contains Braille for our voters with sight limitations. In addition, for those voters who are sight limited, we offer a headphone solution so the voter can hear audio during their entire voting process. AccuPoll also has a Sip-n-Puff solution certified for those voters who may be unable to use their appendages to vote. A voter who does not have use of their appendages is not limited to only a Sip-n-Puff option, they may bring their own accessibility equipment and plug them into the jacks on the Keypad that would otherwise be used for a Sip-n-Puff device. As stated before, we offer a VVPAT solution, so at the end of the voting process, each voter will have a tangible proof of vote to review. For those voters who have limited sight abilities, we offer them the option to have their entire ballot played back to them, in the language they voted in, using a scanner that is attached to an AccuPoll Voting Station (AVS) unit. Every AVS unit is capable of the above mentioned accessibility capabilities.
Language flexibilityYes. AccuPoll has the ability to support any language presently defined, including Braille using the AccuPoll Keypad. Any language incorporated in the ballot can also be added as audio, so a voter can both see and/or hear the selected language throughout the entire ballot.  AccuPoll can display the instructions and the ballot in the language of choice as selected by the voter from the list of languages supported by the County. Languages available on the AccuPoll system include English, Asian, Cyrillic and Latin based character languages. AccuPoll can easily create these and other languages without the need for added hardware, software or special coding. In fact the ability to support any language is dependent on translations of the ballot. The software for the AccuPoll system does not have to be changed at all to support any desired language. All AccuPoll Voting Stations are capable of playing an audio ballot through a set of audio headphones to listen to the ballot in the language chosen by the voter. The disabled or illiterate voter would wear a set of audio headphones to listen to the instructions and the election contests and candidates and casts their votes using a tethered keypad from the Voting Station. ] 
Ballot image storageYes. AccuPoll provides several points of ballot and image recording electronically. There are two different places on each AVS unit the ballot is stored, and also the fact that each ballot is electronically sent to a Voting Administrative Workstation (VAW) as it is cast. All of these points are secure and no poll staff has the ability to see who voted for what, ensuring voter privacy and anonymity. In addition to the ballot image being stored electronically, each voter is presented with a Proof of Vote as they cast their ballot, which would allow for a manual recount should the need arise.
Cost of upgradingThis is not applicable because AccuPoll does have a rank-order ballot system, known as Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) in place and certified under the 2002 FEC Voting System Standards.