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2004 Election Problems: Ohio

-In Franklin County Danaher e-voting machines gave Bush 3,983 extra votes.

-In Mahoning County, 20-30 ES&S e-voting machines registered votes for the opponent.

-In Mahoning County, one precinct reported negative twenty five million votes.

-Some voters complained that there was a lack of accessability for voters with limited English skills.

-There were long lines  in numerous precincts due to a shortage of machines and broken machines.  In Gambier, Knox County, people were waiting in line for upwards of ten hours.

-Secretary of State Blackwell declared that provisional ballots would only be counted if they were cast at the correct precinct.

-Secretary of State Blackwell declared that those who requested absentee ballots and did not receive them in time to vote, cannot vote, even provisionally.