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2004 Electoral Problems - Georgia
-In Twiggs County all five precincts' electronic voting machines were not working when the polls opened.

-Voters were improperly added or removed from registration lists, especially in Clayton, DeKalb, and Fulton counties.

-In Dougherty County, one polling place had no provisional ballots.

-Voters in DeKalb and Clayton counties were given extra obstacles before they could obtain a provisional ballot.

-There was widespread confusion over what constituted acceptable identification, and whether it was required for all voters.

-Long lines were another widespread problem, especially in Clayton County.

-Many polling locations opened late and closed early. In Hancock County, polls opened 3 hours late, and closed on time after the Republican Party sought and received a mandamus order from the Georgia Supreme Court, even though Georgia law allows polls to close late if necessary.

-There were several problems with polling place changes and notification of these changes. These problems included mistakes on the Clayton County website, and a voter receiving a change of polling place notice, yet her husband did not. The husband and wife lived in the same house.