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2004 Electoral Problems - Colorado
-Several voters in Denver County recieved their absentee ballot late.

-In Adams County and Arapahoe County, voters received phone messages incorrectly alleging that their polling place had been changed.

-In Arapahoe County, some election judges were not giving out provisional ballots.

-In Denver County, an election judge called the Elections Commission for every provisional ballot.

-In a polling location in Larimer County, the computer system failed, and the location was inoperable for over an hour until a paper ballot system was implemented.

-In Arapahoe County a voter was forced to cast a provisional ballot after their original vote was lost to a malfunctioning electronic voting machine, because there was only one other machine.

-There were problems with access for disabled voters in Denver County.

-After a local news outlet discovered 719 fraudelent ballots, many voters were wrongly purged from the voting rolls.

-In Boulder County, pencils were provided by election officials, even though voting instructions required that ballots be completed with pens.

-In Jefferson County, during early voting, ballots were missing for an area.

-There were widespread problems with long lines, as well as late openings and early closings for polling locations.

-Many jurisdictions did not provide legally required assistance to Spanish-speaking voters.

-A Denver polling place had three seperate precints voting there, but only two of the election judges showed up.