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2004 Electoral Problems - Arizona
- Several individuals in Pima and Maricopa county reported that they could not vote because they had been mistakenly placed on an absentee voting list.

- There were widespread problems in Maricopa county with people being dropped from the voter rolls or not being able to register through organizations unaffiliated with their county office. One woman reported the reaction of one poll worker after stating that she had registered at an Elizabeth Edwards rally: "that's no big loss- you registered for the wrong party anyway."

-A man appeared at several polling places wearing a millitary style belt and t-shirt with the words "U.S. Constitution Enforcer" and demanded that voters show him their ID, while videotaping them.

-An election official was overheard to say, "all these damned Mexicans lining up to vote and that they were taking away all of our rights," after getting into an argument with a poll-watcher affiliated with the National Council of La Raza.
-Voters in certain polling places in Maricopa and Pima county were told they could not enter the polling place if they were carrying a "Voter's Bill of Rights".

-Many optical scan voting machines could not read or rejected ballots.

-Voting lines were as long as 3-4 hours in some polling places.

-In Maricopa and Pima county some voters were issued a provisional ballot without any further investigation into the legitimacy of their registration and they were occcasionally told that their ballot probably wouldn't be counted anyway.