California gubernatorial candidate calls for full representation and instant runoff voting in first debate
At the September 3rd California recall debate, Peter Camejo of the Green Party used his closing statement to make a clear call for instant runoff voting and a multi-party democracy through full representation. proportional representation).

Below is his statement, as reported by  

Closing Statement from Peter Camejo:

We want to open up the electoral system. Look at the debate today. Do you want to go back to the day when there are only two people heard.

If a person gets 20% of the vote, they should get 20% of the assembly, the way it is all over the world, except in America. We have a 200-year dysfunctional, money-dominated, winner-take-all system.

We need to have runoffs and instant runoff voting, a system used throughout the world, so that the will of the electorate is respected. The recall election is the perfect example.

We need to open up the electoral system, give people choices, have more than two parties, bring the people back to power. If you really want to change the rule of money over our political system in our own sight and want to put it back into the hands of people, vote for the green party, vote Camejo for Governor.