Representation Index
Measure of the percentage of eligible voters who elected a candidate in House elections; it is determined by multiplying voter turnout by the percentage of votes cast for winning candidates.
Wasted Vote Index

    • Tight
    Number of votes cast for losing candidates
    • R-D-O
    Percentage of voters for Republicans, for Democrats and for other candidates who did not help elect a candidate
    Votes and Seats
    Percentages of votes and seats won by Republicans, Democrats and others; "O" refers to independent and third party candidates
    Drop-Off Voters
    Percentage of voters who participated in a statewide race but did not vote in a U.S. House election
    High/Low % Voter Turnout
    The congressional districts with the highest voter turnout in a state (H) and lowest voter turnout (L) in a state
    Landslide Index Percentage of all races won by at least 20%
     Scale of Competitiveness

      • Tight
      Won by 5% or less
      • Competitive
      Won by between 5% and 10%
      • Landslide
      Won by least 20%, but less than 40%
      • No Contest
      Won by at least 40%
      • Uncontested
      Won without major party opposition
       UntouchableIncumbents who won by landslides in last two general elections
       Race/EthnicityMeasure of the number of representatives from a state who are Black (B), Latino (L), Asian (A) and Indian (I)
       Elected Women
      Measure of the number of women in a state's U.S. House delegation