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April 21st 2009
Vernon clinches SA presidency
The Dartmouth

Frances Vernon and Cory Cunningham won Dartmouth's recent elections for student body president and vice president, which used instant runoff voting to select the winners.

April 10th 2008
Bode �09 triumphs in SA election
The Dartmouth

New President and Vice-President elected through IRV at Dartmouth College. Bode garnered more than 600 first-choice votes over opponent Lee Cooper �09. Bode ultimately claimed the presidency with a 639-vote lead after eight rounds of instant-runoff

January 22nd 2008
Political game on road to President XLIV far from super
Daily Herald

Illinois columnist indicates the potential spoiler dynamic in presidential primary elections and how instant runoff voting could solve this problem.

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Legislation and Litigation

  • HB 48 Establishes a committee to study voting ballot reform including the use of IRV.