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May 21st 2009
Herbkersman, Richie: Time to run off runoffs
The State

Runoffs after primaries can mean big plunges in voter turnout. Rob Richie and SC State Rep. Bill Herbkersman explain how IRV can achieve both majority consensus and eliminate separate, expensive runoffs.

May 14th 2009
Cary's mistake
News and Observer

Letter to the Editor by Cary, NC resident Carol Everett expressing her disappointment in the Town Council's decision not to continue to participate in the state's instant runoff voting pilot.

May 5th 2009
Larry R. Bradley and Rob Richie: To increase voter turnout, try a more efficient election process
Omaha World-Herald

Op-ed by author Larry Bradley and FairVote Executive Director Rob Richie on why Omaha should dump its low turnout primaries in favor of instant runoff voting.

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