Voting Opportunity and Technology Enhancement Rights Act of 2005
On February 2nd, Representative John Conyers introduced the Voting Opportunity and Technology Enhancement Rights Act of 2005. This act amends the Help America Vote Act by: providing a legal framework for addressing acts of voter disinformation, creating a federal no-excuse absentee ballot, mandating voter-verification, requiring states to allow same-day registration, allowing provisional ballots to be considered regardless of location, standardizing minimum levels of poll equipment and workers, requiring states to allow early voting, accelerating the study on Election Day as a national holiday, establishing standards for internet voter registration, mandating poll worker training, requiring that all polling places be open to nonpartisan observers, requiring open source software, prohibiting conflicts of interest concerning voting machine use/development, and creating standards for recounts. Passing this bill will do much to address and regulate emerging issues concerning the adoption of new voting technologies and introduce needed reforms.
Read H.R. 533

There are currently 46 cosponsors and there is currently a companion bill, S 17. To support these pieces of legislation please contact your Congressperson/Senator.  
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