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Wyoming Electoral Situation
Absentee ballots require an excuse: no

Early voting: yes

Felons: Wyoming law disenfranchises all people convicted of felonies, and anyone seeking to regain the right to vote must apply to do so. Historically, Wyoming law has required an application to the Governor for either a pardon or a restoration of rights. Since July 1, 2003, however, persons convicted of a first-time non-violent felony have been able to apply to the Wyoming Board of Parole for a certificate that restores voting rights. Applicants must wait for a period of five years after successfully completing all aspects of their sentence in order to be eligible to apply. Other persons seeking to reinstate the right to vote must still apply to the Governor for either a pardon or a restoration of rights, although the Governor’s policy generally excludes from consideration persons convicted of sexual crimes or crimes involving a child as a victim. Persons seeking a pardon or restoration of rights must wait ten years and five years respectively (previously twenty years and ten years) from the time of completion of sentence before applying.

ID Laws: First-time voters who register by mail and do not provide ID verification with registration application need: A current, valid photo identification; or a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, government check or other government document which shows his name and address.

Mandatory poll worker/election official training: no

Paper trail: no

Provisional ballot validity determined by jurisdiction of voter, not precinct: same-day registration

Registration deadline: same-day registration

Uniform voting system: