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Pennsylvania Electoral Situation
Absentee ballots require an excuse: yes

Early voting: no

Felons: The State of Pennsylvania prohibits felons currently in prison from voting. Once an individual has completed their sentence, their right to vote is automatically restored.

ID Laws: All first-time voters need: PA driver's license or ID card issued by Penn DOT; ID issued by any other Commonwealth agency; ID issued by the U.S. Government; U.S. Passport ; U.S. Armed Forces ID ; Student ID ; Employee ID; Voter's identification card issued by the voter registration commission; Non-photo ID issued by the Commonwealth; Non-photo ID issued by the U.S. Government; Firearm permit; Current utility bill; Current bank statement; Current paycheck; Government check.

Mandatory poll worker/election official training: no

Paper trail: no

Provisional ballot validity determined by jurisdiction of voter, not precinct:

Registration deadline: Register 30 days before the election.

Uniform voting system: no